🚀 High Yield Emergency Medicine


One fact that often gets buried within all my Med School Moose content is the fact that I am a practicing emergency medicine physician👨🏽‍⚕️! Because this is my current area of "expertise"🤨, I have slowly started to incorporate emergency medicine content into Med School Moose🚨.

Med School Moose already has (and will continue to have😁) great content for medical students interested in emergency medicine as well as for emergency medicine residents and practicing EM physicians🩺.

One of the biggest areas of content is my Emergency Medicine Board Exam High Yield Facts video series on YouTube🎥. This is mainly geared towards current EM residents taking the annual in-training exam (ITE) or recent graduates planning to take the ABEM qualifying exam for board certification🥼. If you fit that description and haven't checked out those videos, click that link above and get to it!🎓

You can check out all of my awesome emergency medicine content by clicking here. More content is being added all the time so check it often to make sure you don't miss out!🎉