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Welcome to Med School Moose😁. My name is Masood Mohammed. I am an Emergency Medicine Physician originally from South Florida🍊and currently practicing in Phoenix, Arizona🏜️.

This is me!

Near the end of medical school I was hoarding a ton of old files and powerpoints filled with material I used to study for board exams like the USMLE and COMLEX📂. I decided to make a YouTube video covering these materials for whoever might find it useful🎥. To my surprise, it received a lot of positive feedback🎉.

I created a YouTube channel called The Path to Medicine and kept uploading videos. The more content I uploaded, the more people told me how helpful it was📈.

So I figured why stop there?🤷🏽‍♂️

After rebranding to Med School Moose (a much cooler name😜) I uploaded some more high yield USMLE and COMLEX videos and expanded to other topics like preparing for residency interviews and creating a match list. I even created a podcast for a little while🎙️. But I still felt like I could do even more.

My mission with this website is to provide medical students and residents with high quality resources for studying, productivity, lifestyle, wellness, and everything in between.

I put a lot of time into this website to make it worth it for you. I know how difficult the path to becoming a physician can be. I had my fair share of struggles getting into medical school. I studied for hours on end and got burnt out😓. I was the nervous “student doctor” with the short white coat👨🏽‍⚕️. I want to make it easier for everyone going through that!

No matter if you are in medical school, residency, or beyond that, I am confident that this website will provide some resources to help you in your journey🏆.

Feel free to email me at medschoolmoose@gmail.com with any questions, for collaborations, or to just say hello!😁

By the way, information featured here on Med School Moose is not formal medical advice or a guarantee of educational or financial success.