📸 How to Capture Every Moment of Inspiration


Happy Sunday!

Today during rounds, I'd like to make a bet with you🃏. I'll bet that in the past week, you've had a good idea or thought pop into your head that you really wanted to remember. But a few days or even a few minutes later, it was already gone.

Did I win?😜

Before you start thinking I'm a mind reader🔮, this is something that happens to everyone. According to the National Science Foundation, the average person has anywhere from 12,000-60,000 thoughts per day🤯!

We have these big, wonderful brains to think tens of thousands of thoughts, only to be easily distracted by smartphone notifications, social media, or other interruptions. Before we know it, that incredible business idea or task we needed to take care of once we get home is drifting out of our head🪁.

So, what can we do to fight back?

The most critical piece of forgetting less of these amazing thoughts and ideas is always being ready to capture them📸. This is a key point in one of my favorite books that I read in 2023, Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte.

Creating a system that lowers the barrier between me having a good idea and being able to record it has been an absolute gamechanger in my productivity and life in general📈. After all, why should I rely on my easily-scattered brain to remember everything going on when I have so many tools at my disposal?🔨

Below I've created a starter pack of methods on how to capture and retain more of what matters to you. My recommendation is to try out several different methods and see what works best for you!

🏠 At Home

  • Physical Notebook - Nothing beats a no-nonsense notebook sitting on your desk that's always ready for inspiration. I use this Rico Bello Notebook which doubles as my planner📔. As silly as it may sound, I think having a notebook that is aesthetically pleasing to you is even more beneficial because it makes you want to use it to capture more ideas. Don't be afraid to splurge a little bit!
  • Waterproof Writing Pad - I'll be honest, my best ideas tend to come to me in the shower🚿. I have this funky scuba diving writing slate that I've been using for years, but a waterproof white board or waterproof shower notepad are also great options. Don't knock it until you try it!
  • Giant Easel Pad - I've started keeping these Post-it Super StickyWall Pads in my closet and I love them. I simply go in there, disconnect from the outside world for a little bit, and let the ideas flow🌊.

📱 On the Go

  • Apple Notes - An easy starting point considering it's preinstalled on every iPhone on Earth🍎. The Apple Notes app has undergone many different updates that now allow you to record simple messages, take photos, and even use your own handwriting. Apple Notes is perfect for simple as well as more complex ideas.
  • Microsoft To Do - My go to for quick reminders because it's so easy to create different lists and add tasks☑️. The interface is very aesthetically pleasing, and it also has the added benefit of directly syncing with the same app on my laptop.
  • Notion - I mostly use Notion for running every other aspect of my life🔁, but it also serves as a great canvas for for random ideas. Make sure you have a dedicated page for quick entries, otherwise taking time to set up a new page may stop you from getting that thought out.

These are just a few strategies, but in reality the most important method is the one that you reliably and consistently use to capture your thoughts and ideas👍.

So next time you have an idea for the next Google or TikTok, try one of these methods to jot it down before it slips away! And be sure to cut me in as a co-founder😂.

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